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November 14, 2023

When to Hire a General Contractor for Your Fort Collins Project

If you’re planning a project for your home or business, you might be trying to determine whether to hire a general contractor or do it independently. Renovations and brand-new projects can vary significantly according to their scope and requirements, and we at Mighty Hand Construction have seen our fair share of DIY projects gone wrong that end up needing our help. 

We’re here to tell you when you should try to give it a go on your own and when you should hire a general contractor for your Fort Collins project. Read on for our expert insight to help you complete your dream project without any issues down the road!

General Contractor vs. DIY - Pros and Cons

Broadly speaking, there are pros and cons to choosing a general contractor versus a DIY attempt. 

General Contractor - Pros 

  • Highest professional standards for quality and safety 
  • Not on your time, quick turnaround 
  • Experts design ideas and techniques 
  • Higher Return on Investment 

General Contractor - Cons 

  • It can be more expensive than a DIY 
  • Paying for labor as well as materials 
  • Unable to learn new skills through trying projects yourself 

DIY - Pros

  • Fulfilling accomplishment 
  • Less expensive (only paying for materials)
  • Every choice is a personal, creative decision

DIY - Cons

  • Requires your own time 
  • Requires experience to do a project well 
  • Requires specific equipment and tools 

Projects for a General Contractor

Some projects nearly always require the help of a general contractor. Deciding to attempt it alone could lead to higher expenses to fix errors and acquire the required equipment. Furthermore, these projects may demand more knowledge and time than you initially expected. For these reasons, the following projects are certainly when to hire a general contractor for your Fort Collins project. 

Plumbing Leaks, Maintenance, Extensions

Whether fixing a dripping tap, adding a new bathroom, or creating an entirely new plumbing extension, it is always best to ensure that whoever you employ to undertake the work is qualified and experienced. You may feel that you could try changing taps or a U-bend yourself, but do you know where to turn the water off, and are you using the correct materials? 

Unless you are confident that you can safely undertake the work yourself, hiring a qualified professional is strongly recommended to ensure proper fittings are used and to protect the quality of your water supply. It’s very common for individuals making this a DIY project to do more damage than any good, leading to repairs or fixes that are far more expensive than if they had hired a contractor in the first place. 

Electrical Malfunctions and Upgrades

Electrical installations are a vital part of any home or business renovation project. From lighting fixtures and power outlets to security systems and home automation, electrical services ensure your home and business are safe and secure.

When it comes to electrical services, hiring an experienced contractor is essential for a smooth-running renovation project. Professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to carry out electrical installations safely and efficiently. They can ensure that your home meets the required safety standards and is up to code. Hiring a contractor can save you time and money in the long run, as they can identify and rectify potential issues before they become significant problems.

HVAC Installations 

Contractors who work with HVACs are experienced individuals with in-depth knowledge of how the device works. If there is damage to your current HVAC unit, a contractor can locate and repair the issue. Similarly, if it is a new unit, they can properly install it without creating any damage. 

Don’t try anything on your own, especially if you don’t know anything about HVACs. You can cause further damage; if you do, you’ll probably have to buy a brand-new one. If this is not your plan, you should let the experts handle the repairs. 

Structural Projects

This one goes without saying, but hiring a contractor should be a top priority when starting a structural project, regardless of whether it is a new build or a renovation, whether interior or exterior. 

A contractor can take care of all the necessary paperwork for a structural project, including all the required documents that need to be drafted, submitted, and approved by regulatory bodies. Failure to do even this first step incorrectly can ruin much of the initial project effort, so it’s better to trust an experienced contractor. 

Contractors also have access to good construction workers with plenty of experience. Your project won’t be their first, and the professionalism will shine through to the final project. Furthermore, you can expect a holistic delivery of services, including the assembling of a great team of architects, surveyors, plumbers, roof installers, landscapers, and any other specialists your project needs - to do this on your own, and manage it all, is often a daunting task. 

Finally, by working with a contractor on a structural project, you can be at ease knowing that you will have both a timely completion and a guarantee of quality. This is impossible in a DIY situation, but hiring a contractor will ensure your life is back to normal as quickly as possible. 

Projects to Do on Your Own

Many different projects are certainly worth giving a go on your own. At Mighty Hand Construction, we believe in the value of building good skills for yourself as well as multi-generationally. A general contractor can always benefit your Fort Collins project, but here’s a list of some DIY ideas that are relatively easy and can be achieved on a budget. 

Interior Decoration

If you’re not ready to invest in a big renovation, you can still breathe life into spaces with a few intentional touches of your flavor. Think of one room or space in your home that is maybe a bit worn down and could use a facelift - little things like new cushion covers, painting an accent wall with a newer and more modern color, or rearranging a living room with a piece or two of new furniture or a new area rug can go a long way.  

Bring attention to part of your home by investing in new lights or even give your garden gate a fresh coat to make it look young again! 

Spring Gardening 

Gardening and filling your yard with bushes and trees make your home feel fresh, new, and bright. Plan your garden, fill it with new soil this spring, and select your favorite flowers. 

It doesn’t have to be limited to your outdoor spaces either; consider adding potted plants and flowers in well-lit areas around your home - a trip to the gardening store is always a fun family activity. 

Small Home Upgrades 

Other minor home improvements are worth attempting on your own. Better lighting in your front yard and entryway to create a more excellent curb appeal, switching out door handles with new ones (takes less than an hour and feels impactful for the amount they are used), paint plant vases and picture frames with loved ones, or even re-upholster furniture and stools. 

Making minor upgrades here and there around your home is quick, easy, and light on your budget; they significantly impact your home’s aesthetic appeal more than you may imagine and are certainly doable as DIY projects. 

Your Fort Collins General Contractor

Whether you’re looking to do a custom build, house flip, remodel, or a long-dreamed-of home improvement, Mighty Hand Construction is here to help. We are your family-owned general contractor in Fort Collins, ready for any project you may have; contact our team of professionals immediately to get started!

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