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September 20, 2018

Banking On Basements

3 Reasons To Finish Your Basement

The age old debate with homeowners that have unfinished basements is whether or not to actually finish the basement. Even homeowners with finished basements talk about adding a bathroom, an egress window, or a kitchenette. We want to help you in the decision making process and insure you get your money’s worth.

1) It improves the value of your property.

Most people know that basements add value to your home, but what you might not know is how much value even a small upgrade can make. The last annual "Cost vs. Value" Report from Remodeling magazine put the average basement remodel at $61,303 with a 70.3 percent payback, which makes it one of the smartest redos, along with an attic bedroom, minor kitchen redo, deck, and new entry door. Even adding a small feature like a kitchenette can add immense value to potentially renting out your basement with an average monthly rent increase of 20%.

2) It improves overall functionality of your home.

When you design your basement to fit your lifestyle (or the lifestyle of future buyers) it allows your home to become so much more versatile and desirable. All of the sudden, you now have space for that extra office or work out room. Having a dedicated space for particular hobbies or passions is proven to increase productivity and enjoyment. You would be surprised how much value having a wine cellar, theater, or game room can add to the selling speed of your home. It might just be that added difference that makes your house stand out against the rest.

3) It improves quality of life and relationships.

Extra usable square footage automatically opens up the options to hosting more events, spending more family time together, and opening up your home to family and friends. It’s hard to imagine that simply finishing or remodeling your basement will make your home immensely more enjoyable, but it’s true. When people have the ability to spread out and still have the amenities they need to be comfortable you will notice more family harmony and a better guest experience in your home. Don’t settle when it comes to your home and quality of life! Call us today and build the basement you’ve been waiting for.

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