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Rediscovering A Lost Culture: The True Value of Multigenerational Living

What is Multigenerational Living?

Not long ago, a typical “family evening together” would involve a peaceful front porch setting on a warm, lazy summer afternoon. Perhaps mom would dish out pie and ice cream to everyone, while grandpa played checkers with one of the grandkids. Memories of past joys flowed easily from the adults, and the children would listen in rapt attention to the stories of the past. This used to be relatively commonplace, but it wasn’t something that just disappeared for no reason. It was the natural product of the close proximity of multiple generations living life together, and the value that was placed on the whole family unit. 

image 1 | Rediscovering A Lost Culture: The True Value of Multigenerational Living | Mighty Hand Construction

In today's fast-paced world, where independence and individualism often are most valued, the concept of multigenerational living is experiencing a surprising renaissance. More and more, families are recognizing the incredible value of having an elderly parent or grandparent living in their home, possibly even investing in an addition to accommodate their loved ones. There are numerous benefits and blessings that come with embracing multigenerational living arrangements. Here are just a few:

1. Strengthening Family Bonds:

Having an elderly parent or grandparent living under the same roof encourages stronger family connections. Daily interactions, shared meals, and quality time spent together create a sense of unity and belonging. Children grow up with a deeper understanding and appreciation for their heritage, traditions, and family story, while grandparents have the opportunity to pass down their wisdom and faith to the next generation. The benefit of a stable family unit cannot be underestimated!

2. Emotional Support and Companionship:

As we age, social isolation and loneliness can become significant. Statistics show that mental health is greatly reduced when older adults lose community connections, particularly with biological family members. By living together, both generations benefit from increased emotional support and companionship. The presence and care of an elderly family member can provide older adults with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. Likewise, younger family members gain invaluable life lessons, empathy, and compassion by caring for their elders.

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Above photo of a carriage home built to match the existing property and designed for the grandparents to live the retired life of loving the grandkids and helping out on the homestead.

3. Financial Benefits:

Purchasing an addition to your home or having an elderly parent move onto your property can offer significant financial advantages. Sharing living expenses, such as mortgage payments, utility bills, and groceries helps to alleviate financial burdens for both generations. Additionally, pooling resources allows for better financial planning, allowing for a more secure future for everyone involved. Often elderly parents are looking for ways to add meaningful value to their children’s financial situation, while also providing themselves with a comfortable retirement. Investment into a family property can be a great way to accomplish both practically!

4. Enhanced Quality of Life:

Living with an elderly parent or grandparent can greatly enhance the overall quality of life for the entire family. Elders can contribute to household needs, childcare, and other responsibilities, lightening the load for busy or overworked parents. Furthermore, their presence often brings a sense of stability, wisdom, and guidance to the household, creating a healthy environment for the entire family culture.

5. Health and Safety Benefits:

Having an elderly family member living with you ensures their health and safety are prioritized. Regular monitoring of their well-being, assistance with health management, and immediate access to medical care in case of emergencies becomes much easier. Additionally, multigenerational living reduces the risk of falls and accidents for the elderly, as there is always someone nearby to lend a helping hand.

Multigenerational living used to be the norm, and it was an arrangement that may be better than the alternative we have adopted. These type of living arrangements offer a multitude of benefits, from strengthening family bonds and providing emotional support to financial advantages and enhanced quality of life. By embracing the presence of an elderly parent or grandparent in our homes, we create a wholesome environment that builds love, respect, and intergenerational connections.

Opportunities to build it back

We at Mighty Hand Construction celebrate the blessings that come with multigenerational living. We have had the pleasure of designing and building many different homes that allow for parents and grandparents to invest in their families. In Northern Colorado, we have completed full custom home builds for grandparents to live on site with their families, separated carriage houses, full small home additions, basement apartments with separate entrances, and even a fully accessible mother-in-law suite with an elevator.

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Above photo of MHC crew joining a families dream to build a house for Mom and Dad on the same property.  

If you’re excited about gaining the benefit of multigenerational living, let us dream with you about ways to make it a possibility for your family!

Mike Brockmann
Pre Construction Director at MHC

image | Rediscovering A Lost Culture: The True Value of Multigenerational Living | Mighty Hand Construction
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