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March 22, 2024

Professional vs. DIY Home Remodel

Home remodels are an exciting and challenging endeavor for homeowners. As you start planning the particulars of your improvements, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to hire the help of a professional contractor or to give it an attempt as a DIY job. For many homeowners, the proposition of doing it on your own is appealing as a lower-cost option, but as the scope of the project increases, the likelihood that remains true becomes less clear. 

The bottom line is that you want your home remodel to be successful, bringing a new, high-quality aesthetic that is made to last. From the experts at Mighty Hand Construction, here are all the things you should consider when determining how to tackle that home renovation.  

Things to Consider with DIY 

To make the best decision around professional services and DIY projects, it’s helpful to have the full picture regarding what to expect. Consider the following to get a better grasp as to whether DIY is a reasonable thing to do or not:

1. DIY Skills

First and foremost, you need to consider whether you have the skills your planned project requires. Some projects, such as tearing down a fence or painting a wall, require less experience and can usually be completed fairly well with the help of tutorials or YouTube videos. More complex projects on the other hand, such as full remodels, replacing electrical or plumbing, and other full-service projects will require a more complete suite of renovation skills.

A creative vision is not always enough to get some of the hardest jobs done—it can take skill with fine tools, specialized work equipment, and extra strength for heavy lifting. If you don’t have the experience and skills that your project requires, you may end up doing more damage than good, leading you to call for the help of a professional anyway to fix it all. 

2. Safety Concerns

Next, you’ll want to determine the safety scope of the project. If there’s a chance that you can be injured doing the remodel, you should not hesitate to hire the help of professional services. Not only could minor injuries lead to setbacks in time and cost, but more significant dangers are possible as well that can lead to serious injury or even death.

It’s also worth considering how the project might affect the health and wellness of others besides yourself, such as children, pets, and neighbors. If you’re ever unsure, it’s always better to err on the side of caution rather than risk a hazardous remodel. 

This is, in some sense, related to the above consideration of DIY skills. Projects that require working with electricity and structural support, for example, should only be done if you have the specialist experience and training to begin with. If you don’t, these projects are certainly a hazard and should be trusted to a professional. 

3. Required Tools and Equipment

This consideration is one of practicality more than anything. When it comes to remodeling your home, most projects will require a set of tools, equipment, and materials, and in some cases, even specialist equipment. Unfortunately, these are a must, so when you consider DIY a less expensive option, it’s important to be aware that you’ll need to factor in the cost of these as well. A professional builder will have all the tools and equipment already, which helps alleviate concern about not having the right type and quantity of materials you need. 

4. Flexibility of Schedule

Remodeling your home requires time if you are to do it on your own. Suppose you want the project completed quickly and efficiently. In that case, you should consider the flexibility and availability of your schedule to get a realistic picture of how long the project will take. You can expect remodeling projects to have some degree of interruption in your life - for example, you may not be able to use a bathroom or kitchen when remodeling. The longer it takes to complete the DIY remodel, the longer you can expect disruptions. 

5. Permits and Legal Considerations

Finally, an important consideration is whether your remodeling project will require adhering to any legal requirements, such as acquiring necessary permits. Be sure to do your research, so you understand exactly what will be required especially the relevant costs. Professional contractors have experience obtaining the necessary permits and meeting all legal requirements which can save time and money in the long run.

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Pros and Cons of DIY Remodels


  • Potential cost savings for small-scale projects
  • Satisfaction of hard work done yourself


  • More expensive with complex and larger projects
  • Potential health hazards
  • Requires experience and patience
  • Requires your own time 
  • Requires proper tools, equipment, and materials
  • If you don’t have a flexible schedule, remodeling can be disruptive to your life

Pros and Cons of Professional Remodels


  • Highest quality outcomes
  • Time efficient 
  • Can be less expensive for complex and bigger projects
  • No time, tools, equipment, materials, or expertise required on your end


  • Can be more expensive for smaller projects
  • Have to clearly communicate your personal vision for the remodel

Your Partner for Custom Home Remodels 

DIY can be a great way to undertake simple and small home remodeling projects, being both rewarding and allowing you to save money. However, many larger projects can be expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous when attempted on your own - in these cases, it’s always wise to trust the help of an experienced professional.

Professional home remodels are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality results. If you’re looking to start a remodel soon or if you have more questions before getting started, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly experts at Mighty Hand Construction today!

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