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January 17, 2023

Essential Tips to Know Before Starting Your Basement Remodel

If you want to add more living space to your home without undergoing a costly and time-consuming expansion, consider utilizing your basement. You can transform this often-neglected area into a comfortable and functional living space with some essential planning and effort. Whether you want an extra bedroom, family room, or home gym, taking advantage of your basement's square footage is a great way to get the extra space you need. Keep reading for tips on basement living area with through a professional remodel.

A basement living room

What Types of Basements Are Best for a Remodel?

A basement remodel can be an exciting endeavor, opening up new possibilities for your home’s space. First, however, it is essential to consider the type of basement you have when planning a renovation. Depending on the condition and layout of your basement, certain types are better suited than others for a successful remodel.

For example, walkout basements feature an exterior door that allows natural light into the space and provides access to outdoor areas such as yards or patios, which increases its livability potential significantly. 

Crawl spaces are much smaller in comparison but provide easy access for heating and cooling systems if desired during a renovation project; however, their limited square footage may limit design options depending on the intended use of this area after completion.

 Lastly, full basements offer maximum flexibility due to their large size; however, they often require extensive excavation work before any plans can begin due to structural concerns with foundations below grade level homes located in wet climates may not be ideal candidates for these projects without significant engineering oversight before the commencement of construction activities.

Common Challenges When Doing a Basement Remodel

Basement remodels can be daunting, and their successful completion requires careful planning. Homeowners embarking on such a venture should consider potential issues that may arise during the process. Unexpected plumbing or wiring problems, mold remediation, and ventilation are only some of the common challenges faced when doing a basement remodel.

It is important to remember that most basements were properly designed for living spaces in their original construction, so obstacles will likely need addressing beyond typical renovation demands. However, by being prepared for these unique circumstances with ample knowledge and research beforehand, while hiring a construction team that is knowledgable in basement finishes, homeowners can ensure their project’s success going forward.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Planning a Basement Remodel

There are several considerations when planning a basement remodel. First, a well-executed plan requires due diligence and thorough research, from understanding local building codes' complexities and regulations to accounting for available space constraints. 

Also, outlining needs versus wants is essential to prioritize tasks while avoiding costly delays. 

Lastly, having access to funding prioritizes potential upgrades that would otherwise be out of reach during the project's timeline.

Overall, careful forethought and consideration for all aspects revolving around a basement remodel project can save time and money now and down the line when it comes time for maintenance or future updates on said area of your home.

Remodeling a basement

Finishing and Decorating Tips for Your Basement Design

Finishing and decorating a basement can be challenging , but the results are worth it if done correctly. Whether you're planning an entire remodel or just looking to spruce up your space, there are specific techniques that will make your project easier. Here's what you should consider when finishing off and decorating a new basement:

First, because basements are underground, you must  choose durable materials that can withstand moisture—such LVP flooring that can withstand flooding.  Typically, basements in Colorado require floating walls and other technical upgrades that account for expansive soils and frost depths. 

Next, ensure the area is well-ventilated to avoid unwanted odors or condensation buildup while adding insulation between floor joists to keep out cold air during winter.

When it comes to aesthetics, think about how many natural light sources you have access to before selecting paint colors; darker shades work best in rooms with little sunlight to create warmth rather than darkness when possible. Finally, layer-on accessories like rugs, blankets, pillows, throws, etc., which serve both functionally (provide comfort) and decorative elements, are given their range of designs, patterns textures available market today!

How to Maximize Space and Storage in Your Basement

A trendy and effective way of maximizing space and storage in a basement is by using vertical areas with wall shelving or built-in cabinetry. This can help add plenty more room for display items, games, or movie collections without taking up too much floor space or creating an overcrowded effect in your living area! 

And because basements are a great space that can house more personal items, cleverly placed shelves also make excellent places for displaying art pieces or collectibles that may not fit anywhere else in the home. This also fills out the space with more intentionality and craftsmanship adding to the hominess and ultimately the sellability of the home.

Another smart approach is to incorporate concealed spaces into furniture, such as benches, which are perfect for storing blankets and pillows while providing comfortable seating options simultaneously. You can even try underfloor drawers that store away less frequently used objects but remain easily accessible if needed – this could be especially useful near entryways where shoes or toys may accumulate over time! 

Finally, don’t forget about lighting; adding appropriate lamps around key spots will brighten up dark corners while highlighting accessories like artwork or antiques at no extra cost!

A comfy basement

Ready For A Basement Remodel in Your Northern Colorado Home? We Can Help!

Remodeling a basement can be highly beneficial, but knowing what to consider and plan for before the process begins is essential. We hope this article has given you insights into different types of basements that are ideal for remodeling projects, common challenges that may arise during execution, and how to make the most out of your space while still making sure your design looks great.

If you’re looking to start a project like this soon, don't hesitate to contact us if you need an exciting basement remodel project in mind! We’d love to take the stress off of you and make sure your basement is up to code and fits your goals for your home or workspace. Get in touch here.

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