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June 15, 2021

Better Bedrooms

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a More Accessible and Comfortable Bedroom

Are you thinking about updating your bedroom for more accessibility? Or maybe you’ve found a perfect new home that just needs a few tweaks to the bedroom? No matter why you would like to make accessibility updates in your home’s bedroom, planning and carrying out those projects doesn’t have to be a complex process. You just need to know the right steps to take in order to avoid potential problems and stress when creating your updated bedroom. Check out these tips from Mighty Hand Construction to get started. 

Determine Your Budget 

Before you begin planning your dream bedroom, you need to make sure you have the budget to cover all the needed projects. If your plans include making major changes to your bedroom or home, that may mean looking into options like cash-out refinancing. With cash-out refinancing, your current mortgage is replaced with a larger loan, and you get the difference paid out to you in cash; check out this guide from PennyMac USA to find out more. Cash for remodel refinancing typically works best when you have some equity built into your home, so you may also want to research home improvement loans to fund your new bedroom. From HELOC to personal loans, there are a few home loan options that may be available, so weigh each one carefully to see what will work best for your current situation and budget. 

If you are making accessibility improvements, you may also be eligible for special grants and funding programs designed specifically for homeowners living with disabilities. All these loans and grants can be perfect if you are planning for major modifications to your bedroom, but for smaller projects, like decor and bedding, a low-interest credit card may work. 

Figure Out Your Plans 

Once your finances are straightened out, you can determine which bedroom modifications you can reasonably afford. The scope of these modifications can depend on your specific needs for comfort and relaxation, but if you need some inspiration there are tons of accessibility design guides online. Using these universal design guides, you can get a clearer picture of what sort of accessibility changes will make your life easier. 

For example, if you currently use a wheelchair widening your bedroom doorways or lowering any surfaces in your bedroom closet could make your daily routine more efficient. If you or a loved one living with you has a visual impairment, alternate home modifications may make more sense. In your bedroom, you may want to add windows to allow for more even natural lighting or have more tactile flooring installed to enhance safety and mobility. New smart home technology can also provide benefits in your bedroom, especially voice-controlled tech. 

Research Your Options for Professional Bedroom Design Help 

One of the advantages of updating your bedroom is that you may be able to complete many of the needed projects on your own. For instance, depending on your abilities you can always save money with a DIY paint makeover for your bedroom. With some tarp, a few rollers, and a brush, you can switch up the color of your bedroom walls in no time, but be sure to use colors that encourage you to relax and feel less stressed. You can also improve your bedding by adding cooling sheets, self-cleaning pillowcases, and temperature-variable comforters, all of which can help you get better rest at night and take better care of your overall health. 

If you are in need of more complex modifications for greater accessibility in your bedroom, however, you will most likely want to work with professionals like Mighty Hand Construction. Through a design consultation, they can help determine the right remodel changes that will enhance your bedroom. 

Your bedroom should provide a safe and soothing place to escape from the stresses of the outside world, so it only makes sense that you ensure that it is as accessible and comfortable as possible. By using the tips above, you can modify your bedroom for your needs.  

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