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February 14, 2023

7 Popular Home Additions That'll Make Your Home in Northern Colorado Stand Out

If you're looking for ways to improve your home, consider adding to your property. This can be a great way to get the extra space and functionality you need. But where do you start? Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a home addition in Northern Colorado.

Home Additions To Consider For Your Northern Colorado Home

At Mighty Hand Construction, we have extensive experience in what we call “home surgeries” and plenty of home addition ideas to help you make the most of your available space. Grand, sweeping additions to more modest projects represent a step closer to your dream home.

In addition, the design and build process affects the future value of your property.

Read on as we dive into some of the most popular home additions.

Deck With a View of the Mountains

Bathroom sink with mountain views

Standing atop a deck overlooking a spectacular view of the majestic mountains, one experiences profound awe. Rolling hills with snow-dusted peaks unfold before them as far as the eye can see. A gentle breeze carries the scent of pine in the air and breathes life into each moment. The crisp chill and glimmering sun rays create an immersive environment filled with peace and solace.

A Bathroom

a modern bathroom

A bathroom is a private, peaceful sanctuary, a place to destress and find solace from the frenetic energy of the outside world. It offers us a chance to pause and reflect on our lives in serene comfort. To this end, bathrooms should be places of solace where unique design elements can combine disparate colors, textures, and materials into aesthetically pleasing reflections of personal taste.

Melding form with function to create one’s sense of style is vital when designing a beautiful bathroom. From selecting the perfect toilet bowl for efficiency purposes to wall tiles that offer relaxed states of mind, every selection is part of an individual’s expressionism journey. Utilizing enlightened materials such as natural woods and upgraded fixtures can round out an attuned design while creating an inviting, warm, inviting, and calming atmosphere.

The perfect bathroom combines classic beauty with modern amenities such as heated floors or extravagant showers; both offer added luxury without compromising aesthetic charm or functionality needed in any space – but especially within the confines of our sanctuaries.

Let's not forget adding an additional bathroom alone could tack on $20k-$50k in added value to your home, more than double what you may pay for your bathroom in the first place! 

A Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is a luxurious private sanctuary. It allows inhabitants to relax, repose, and rejuvenate away from the bustling chaos of daily life.

Richly decorated with sophisticated trimmings and lavish linens, this opulent space functions as an oasis for those seeking refuge from their hectic schedules. It promises respite without deviating too far from modern comforts, embracing functionality and flair in its design.

Whether seeking sumptuous style or practical comfort, master bedrooms can be tailored to fit any sensibilities; they offer a flawless fusion of poise and pleasurable panache. 

Most importantly, master suites are one of the more significant sell factors of modern homes today and should be prioritized in increasing home value.

Why not splurge a little on the home you own? Upgrade your bedroom fit for a master!


A house garage

Garages can be a great asset for many homeowners, providing additional storage space, vehicle shelter, and protecting tools and machinery from the elements.

However, garages are often overlooked or underutilized due to their complex needs in insulation, weather-proofing, and temperature control.

With the Northern Colorado climate, including cold winters and hot summers, it has become a common desire to have a finished garage to better protect items stored inside.

Homebuilders can quickly identify issues such as air leaks or humidity problems thanks to their vast data processing power. From there, real-time advice on necessary fixes can be provided so that a garage is preserved in peak condition while also increasing the home's energy efficiency overall.

In addition to repairing existing structures, a home building will stay on top of everything during the construction of new garages to ensure that all possible requirements have been met – from door widths suitable for wheelchair access to special safety considerations like skylights placement – creating a more efficient building experience down the line.

Finished Basement

A snooker in a remodel basement

Finishing a basement can be an intimidating undertaking; nonetheless, with the right combination of planning, knowledge, and enthusiasm, it's a task that can be truly rewarding. By transforming a dark and dreary space into one that's comfortable and inviting, you not only expand your living space but also increase the overall value of your property.

Beneath their lackluster exterior, basements often hold many possibilities. Creative use of decorative pieces such as wall art, textiles, and furniture can instantly bring life to a formerly mundane area.

Additionally, thoughtful flooring options or attention to temperature control can enhance the room's atmosphere.

For projects on an even larger scale, such as adding plumbing or structural changes like extra windows, there are many contracting professionals available for hire who have experience handling these tasks quickly and safely.

Many in the Northern Colorado region would agree that there is not much better than cozying up in a finished basement on a hot summer day to indulge in movies and games with the family.

No matter what path is taken in terms of form or function, there is no doubt that finished basements—ones designed with thoughtfulness without losing sight of functionality–can create attractive areas ideal for leisure activities like game nights or media rooms while also having significant benefits in terms of increasing home value alike!


A sunroom

Sunrooms, or atriums, are an awe-inspiring feature to add to any space, especially with over 300 days a year of Colorado sunshine.

These enchanting rooms bring the outdoors in, providing inhabitants with a comfortable and calming environment.

By adding windows and transparent materials to walls, sunrooms can be filled with natural light that invigorates one's surroundings; furthermore, these chambers showcase views of wildlife within the vicinity while granting protection from harsh elements.

Beyond their aesthetic charm, sunrooms also provide numerous practical benefits. Their large windows help guard against high energy costs by trapping heat during winter; likewise, during hotter months, they act as a cooling instrument by reflecting direct sunlight away from the building structure. Sunroom atriums are also fantastic for entertaining guests during special occasions or private gatherings - allowing them to feel connected with nature in a controlled atmosphere!


A mudroom is an essential feature of any modern home in Northern Colorado; it acts as a gateway, providing a transition space between the indoors and outdoors, where family members can discard wet coats, muddy boots, and umbrellas. It is also the perfect place to store all sorts of household accessories like sports equipment or pet accessories.

Mudrooms traditionally have cabinets for tidily stowing away clutter and hooks or cubbies for coats and gloves.

Homeowners who have extra space may consider investing in lockers or benches to give each family member a personalized nook to store items year-round. The walls are often painted in colorful hues to bring out the character of this area; adding wallcoverings such as wallpaper can elevate its aesthetics even more without a significant makeover effort.

When designed thoughtfully, mudrooms not only improve accessibility but also offer ideal storage solutions for families with multiple members – all while creating attractive foyers in their homes!

And with that said, investing in a mudroom allows you to create an atmosphere of organized delights that will last many years after construction is complete!

Let Mighty Hand Construction Help You With Your Home Addition

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Adding a home addition in Northern Colorado can transform your house into your dream home.

Whether you’re looking for an extra bedroom, a deck overlooking the mountains, or even more closet space to store away the winter coats and boots, there is something out there for everyone.

With so many popular options to choose from, like finished basements and sunrooms/atriums that will add comfort and value to any property, don't hesitate - to start planning now! 

Call us at (970) 844-9191, or submit a form and let us help you get the perfect home addition today!

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