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March 21, 2023

Sprucing Up Your Investment: Commercial Remodels in Northern Colorado

As the commercial spaces in Northern Colorado reach their aerial capacity, renovations and remodels have become increasingly popular. From a complete makeover to a simple reboot, uncover the magic of commercial rejuvenation and power-ups for bathrooms and kitchens. Discover the potential of commercial remodels in Northern Colorado and get inspired to make changes. Read on for more!

Commercial Remodels In Northern Colorado

Commercial buildings are a type of building used for business purposes, usually including office and retail spaces. They can vary in size, design, and purpose depending on the needs of the company or organization occupying them. Commercial remodels in Northern Colorado allow you to renovate these properties to suit your desired use.

The types of commercial buildings range from single-story structures with limited space, such as shops and restaurants, to large multi-story complexes with various uses, like office towers or shopping malls. Let’s dive into more specifics about the multiple different buildings you might want to remodel.

What Types Of Commercial Buildings Are There?

Commercial buildings come in various shapes and sizes, each serving different purposes. In Northern Colorado, many types of commercial building remodels have been completed over the years. These projects have transformed the local landscape from office buildings to warehouses and retail stores.

Some popular commercial property remodels in Northern Colorado include office complexes, shopping centers, industrial parks, and single-story buildings such as restaurants or medical offices. Office complexes often involve large-scale renovations to modernize the interior spaces, while shopping centers typically require extensive exterior modifications to increase customer appeal.

For safety reasons or energy efficiency initiatives, industrial parks may need significant repairs or upgrades. At the same time, single-story properties can be completely redesigned with an eye toward aesthetic appeal as well as practicality.

No matter what type of project is involved, proper planning is essential for success when it comes to commercial building remodels in Northern Colorado – from ensuring that all necessary permits are obtained before construction begins through completion inspections at the end – professional contractors can help make sure every step goes smoothly throughout your entire design process!

The Eight Common Types of Commercial Real Estate Remodels 

There are several types of commercial real estate.

1. Multifamily

Multifamily properties function as a conduit between residential and commercial real estate.

Their essential goal is often to serve as an investment opportunity (whether owner-occupied or not).

The multifamily asset class encompasses anything from duplexes to mammoth apartment buildings with numerous units.

2. Retail

Retail buildings comprise shopping centers, strip mall-style buildings, community retail centers like grocery stores and drug stores, regional malls, and out-parcels, like restaurants.

3. Office

Office properties are separated into low, mid, and high rise based on their measurements.

4. Industrial

Industrial properties span a broad spectrum of sizes, including property types like warehouses and manufacturing buildings. There are heavy manufacturing properties, which most large manufacturers would fall under. Light assembly buildings are much more straightforward than bulky manufacturing facilities and can typically be easily modified. Typical applications involve storing items, building goods, and functional spaces.

5. Hotels

Full-service hotels are usually in prime business regions or tourist areas with renowned names like Four Seasons, Marriot, or Ritz Carlton. Hotels falling into the limited service category are typically petite lodgings. These smaller hotels do not generally feature amenities like room recuperation services, on-site eateries, or theatre space. On the other hand, extended-stay hotels feature bigger rooms and tiny kitchens and are tailored for those staying a week or more.

6. Land

There are several land types to consider when considering a commercial build. First, agricultural land or greenfield land, which is undeveloped, like a farm or a pasture. It also includes orchards, animal farms, ranches, etc. 

Infill land is known as land located in a city that has been developed but is now vacant and specifically associated with real estate development in urban locations.

Lastly, brownfield land is parcels of land that are previously used for industrial or commercial purposes and are now available for re-use. It is common for these properties to be environmentally impaired.

7. Mixed Used Properties

While distinctive in nature, mixed-use properties can blend different forms of commercial property. The most common format found in cities includes retail/restaurant sites with either offices or residences atop them. Think of the downtown high-rises usually seen, and chances are it's regarded as mixed-use assets. Typically these types consist mainly of office spaces, residential real estate, various shopping opportunities such as retailers, and industrial components.

8. Special Purpose

This is the last category because there are plenty of categories of commercial property that investors own that are more or less considered miscellaneous. Some examples included parking lots, stadiums, theaters, zoos, bowling alleys, and amusement parks — you get the idea.

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How Does Investing In Commercial Property Compare To Investing In Residential Property?

Investing in commercial property is often seen as a more profitable endeavor than investing in residential properties. This is due to the more significant potential return on investment realized with commercial spaces and the fact that they tend to require less maintenance. Furthermore, many of these projects are also tax-deductible, meaning investors can recoup a portion of their yearly expenses.

However, it's important to remember that some downsides are associated with investing in commercial property compared to residential properties. For starters, the costs associated with remodeling or renovating a space for business purposes tend to be significantly higher than those required for an average home renovation project.

Depending on the type of business being run from this space, additional licenses or permits may be required before construction begins - which is only sometimes needed when undertaking renovations on residential sites alone.

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Tips For Commercial Remodels In Northern Colorado

When considering how best to approach a commercial remodel in Northern Colorado, it’s essential to consider all aspects before beginning any project - from budgeting through completion. Tips for planning successful renovations include:

  • looking at current trends within the local market
  • understanding the unique needs associated with each property
  • setting realistic timelines
  • adequately preparing before starting work
  • creating detailed plans that outline specific goals 
  • hiring experienced professionals who understand your particular renovation needs
  • staying up-to-date on new regulations related to construction projects, permits, licenses, inspections, etc.,
  • ensuring safety protocols are followed during construction activities
  • maintaining open communication between parties involved throughout every step of the process

Considering all these will help ensure success when taking on any property renovation project so you can achieve maximum return on investment while also creating aesthetically pleasing results!

Contact MHC For Your Next Commercial Construction Project

Look no further than MHC Construction for your next commercial remodeling project in Northern Colorado. Our experienced team of contractors can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for any property renovation. With years notched into our belt in the NOCO construction industry, we have the expertise and resources to deliver high-quality results that meet your expectations.

We specialize in commercial building projects, from small office spaces to large warehouses. No matter how big or small the job is, our contractors are committed to providing a timely and thorough service that meets all safety standards while staying within budget limits. We also understand the importance of communication during a project, so we ensure our clients are continually updated with progress reports throughout their remodel.

When it comes to commercial remodels in Northern Colorado, the process of investing in commercial property can be a complicated one. It is essential to understand the different types of commercial buildings, their definitions, and the tips to keep in mind when investing in these properties. With the information provided in this blog article, you should now better understand the different types of commercial buildings and how investing in commercial property compares to investing in residential property. For your next commercial construction building project, contact MHC and let their experienced team of professionals guide you through the process. 

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